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On Salmon Bay in Beautiful Ballard, Seattle, WA

The Durable Alternative to Bright Work


Bright work refers to the exposed and varnished wood or metal work of a boat. BRIGHTERWORKS is the brighter, more durable solution, for all your bright work needs

Our Seaboard® HDPE Marine Boards are designed to replace your wood, metal and other traditional materials used to make bright works.

Seaboard® HDPE
is a UV stabilized material that has superior stiffness, scratch and impact resistance, has no moisture absorption, and a non-skid surface. It’s also FDA and USDA compliant!

My name is Paul Hoffman.

I am the founder, chief designer and product manufacturer of Brighterwork’s exclusive patented after market boat accessories. I prefer getting off the dock and sailing to the sanding, scraping, replacing, and endless etcs, once required by my bright work. That’s why  I came up with Brighterworks, my durable, no work solution to bright work. We are located in Seattle and when I can get my crew off the water and into the shop, we are busy working for you. Call in an order today, we’ll see you on the sea when we knock off!

At Brighterworks, we take great pride in crafting high-quality companionway doors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our doors are made from HDPE polyvinyl substrate precisely carved to ensure a perfect fit. We use only the finest German-made hardware to provide tight seals and rattle-free connections, ensuring a quiet and secure voyage. Our attention to detail and commitment to using only the best materials means that our companionway doors are built to last and withstand the harsh marine environment. With Brighterworks you can be assured your vessel is equipped with superior quality brightwork that not only keeps you dry and safe but looks great!